What’s a Certified Tourism Ambassador?

The CTA Program was created as a nationally recognized certification program for the tourism industry. The program teaches participants about the importance of tourism, facts about the tourism field in Anaheim and Orange County and how to use resources to enrich the experience of visitors from around the world. The City of Anaheim has supported the development of the Anaheim and Orange County Certified Tourism Ambassador Program since it's implementation in February 2009.

The program serves to increase tourism by turning every visitor encounter into a positive experience. The CTA Program has resulted in an increased level of customer satisfaction, employee pride in their destination and personal pride in the role they play within the Anaheim/Orange County tourism communities. These efforts have resulted in increased visitor numbers including repeat visitors along with improved perception of our destination. With increased involvement from our industry community the program continues to grow and thrive to everyone’s benefit.

CTA Benefits

In addition to being nationally certified as an Anaheim Tourism Ambassador, CTAs receive invitations to CTA Program networking events, and special discounts on select attractions, dining, accommodations and more. 

How To Register

If you would like to register or send one of your staff members to an upcoming Certified Tourism Ambassador Program training class, please review our upcoming CTA Program training dates via www.ctanetwork.com or contact Barbara McClelland.

Renewal Instructions

Step-By-Step: How to Renew your Certification Online Click Record My Points. (Orange button at left in the Certification Renewal box) The Renewal of Certification form will open. It contains five sections.

  1. Visiting Attractions
    1. Click View List of Qualifying Attractions.
    2. Search for the attraction you have visited OR for attractions you want to visit.
    3. Click Record Points for Visiting.
    4. The attraction name will automatically appear on your renewal form!
  2. Reading Books, Articles, or Reports
  3. Attending CTA Networking Events/Activities
  4. Volunteering
  5. Attending Educational Programs, Seminars

Record point earning activities in Sections 2 through 5 by typing in the information in the blank fields, three per section, maximum.

Click Save at the bottom of each section. Be sure to do this before leaving the form.

Submit Renewal

Once you have recorded 50 points click Agree to the Terms of renewal.

Click Submit and Finalize.

Update Your Profile as needed and click Save and Continue.

The Payment screen will open. Follow the instructions to pay your renewal fee and submit.

You're finished! Congratulations, you are now renewed through the coming year!

(Note: If you have questions, or would like to request a paper Renewal Application, please contact your local program administrator.)